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Create unexpected imagery on this invigorating and fun series of workshops.  Explore and 'play' with mixed media and collage. Combine diverse materials and medium, alongside your own marks, using our extensive range of art materials.


Spend time developing skills in art based problem solving so you can build a relaxed and confident approach to creating rich and exciting artwork of your own.


Over five evenings, running over a five week period , we are able to provide students with the opportunity for guided but free experimentation, resulting in what we believe to be a better learning experience and a healthy environment for creating novel and interesting outcomes.


We truly believe that art is for everyone and technical proficiency should not be a barrier to creating beautiful and enjoyable imagery.  The workshop is designed to allow you to explore and establish the best and most rewarding methods of achieving desired effects to tell your story on canvas, so complete beginners are very much welcome along with those who already have an established interest.



Tash holds a degree in Workshop Ceramics and a masters in the Conservation of historic objects. Tash has been working with mixed media for over 20 years and is the founder of The Big Canvas Project. Originally a potter, Tash left the medium behind and chose to explore the diverse, rich and unconstrained field of mixed media, she has never looked back.​

"I am passionate about nurturing people to utilise their innate creative capacity, art offers a beautiful and playful way of doing that and builds confidence in accessing that skill"


Since graduating from Central Saint Martins, Nicky has spent most of her working life encouraging students of all ages to connect with their creativity through the Visual Arts and strike the balance between intellectual curiosity and intuitive play.

"I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and working with you. "


"Definitely up for more. I valued having an unstructured creative outlet in my highly structured, protocol-driven world more than I can say." 

"Natasha has so much creativity and enthusiasm that it's contagious. Unfortunately I cannot replicate her ability to transform people through art, this is truly a unique talent."

"I loved being able to play - really let off steam. It was wonderful therapy, and I was so pleased with my canvas at the end. Strongly recommend this experience - much more fun and cheaper than a psychiatrist!!!"